The good news, remember the floors looking like this?

Now they look like THIS!:
New floors!

WOW! Our floor guy, Mike Laguirre (who I highly recommend) said this is probably eucalyptus, and we’ve decided to go with a water based, very light finish. It looks better than I could imagine, and I’m so happy that we’re keeping it really light.

And, before the surprise, check out my amazing gardening job… from this (on the left):

To this!:

Okay, and now for the big surprise, Prince Charming was pulling out pavers:

And he realized that there is green cement under it!!!
Surprise, green cement!

With a built in clothes line holder! Awesome? I’m not going to lie, I sort of like it. I hope that we’ll put some more cement around that clothesline pipe and make it the umbrella stand for a new patio table.

The prince is not around tomorrow, but my aunt will be back to help paint when we’re allowed to go inside since the floor’s finish will be done. We’ve bought most of our bathroom refinish materials, so that’s about ready. Plus the plumbing is done. We’re making serious progress and I’m loving it!