My aunt helped me conquer the second coat of paint in the main living area of the house, and it looks awesome with the new floors. We also taped and painted two bedrooms including the controversial gray bedroom. My aunt and I went to Home Depot and made the gray paint darker and it’s way better now. It’s going to look stunning with white trim and curtains.

Also, Prince Charming and I are having problems choosing and agreeing on a bathroom floor. We’ve got the tub surround tile picked out and bought, but the floor is another thing. Since we’ll have white ceramic and teal glass tile, I think we should stick with a nice calming natural stone. Originally I was thinking a light slate, but now I think pebbles would look awesome. So I made an artist’s rendering:

I think it would carry on a “spa” look for our teeny tiny bathroom. If you have thoughts I would greatly appreciate them.