All 12 of you. There was a landslide of votes for ceramic tile, and as I figured out when trying to find tile that I could swallow, slate is really hard to upkeep so the seven of you who voted for ceramic tile know what you’re talking about! We’ve been super busy and have now been in the house for almost two weeks (whoa, can’t believe it’s been two weeks!) with a bathroom that we’re just finishing the details on now. I bet ya’ll can’t wait to see it…

Please ignore the blue tape as we’re getting ready to paint the walls a lighter shade of the wall tile color, but here she it:

And here was the artist’s rendering with a different floor:

I would say that’s a pretty good rendering, if I do say so myself. The tub was refinished, the sink and toilet were replaced, the tile is all new and we’re getting ready to paint it. Not too shabby. Just don’t look too close at our caulking job or the sloppy tile guy’s work.

Longer update with pictures coming as soon as I can… I’m in busy season at work so it doesn’t allow for a whole lot of down time that I feel like sitting in front of my computer and blogging with. I am, however, super excited to get before and after pictures up soon so everyone can see how far we’ve come!

PS. I realized, when I went to bake the pumpkin my aunt got us, that I left ALL of my pans in the drawer under the stove at the apartment. ARG!!! We’ve only got a broiler pan. Guess it’s time for a trip to Goodwill for muffin pans, baking pans, cookie sheets, cooling racks, etc.