I have been trying to get my mobile blogger working again because I have a new cell phone that takes super pictures and I want to share them here in addition to Facebook. In the interim, here’s a picture from Facebook of our fireplace–which is not done! They are coming back to put fun new tile and, well, close up the hole in the wall.
It’s going to make the actual fireplace smaller, but it now has a fan, runs on gas and is remote controlled. Yes, we have a remote control to adjust our fireplace. Yes, it’s really, really cool.

We will keep out mantle but that lovely ivory and lavender tile on top and the icky tile on the bottom will have to go. It will be replaced probably by travertine around the fireplace and the guy suggested, without me saying anything, that pebbles would look good on the bottom. I swear it was not my idea.

It’s been really nice to have this new heat source because while we have a wall heater, we haven’t been brave enough to turn it on because it’s the original, smoke filled, dirty one that the house was built with. It needs to be replaced so in the mean time we’ve got the fireplace. Hooray!