It’s hard to see this picture, sorry. Last night this image just made me so happy, though. Our dog in front our new fireplace. It just seems so perfect. Boo was so cozy and kind of irritated that I woke her up for a picture. Not cool!

Part of me wishes we could get another dog for Boo to have companionship– she may not get along with most dogs, but we know she does get along with some. When she broke out and ended up back in the shelter, she had to share her space with two other dogs (one was a chow) and our neighbor has shared that she gets along or ignores his little tiny toy dogs. We also think she is pretty much oblivious to cats unless they try to attack her.

Fortunately (yes, not unfortunately) Carlos is allergic to cats and Boo doesn’t like most dogs… otherwise who knows what would happen!