As most folks know, my birthday is December 30th, so each year I ring in two years right in a row. First I ring in another year older, which this year was a 200% improvement over last year’s birthday, then I ring in the new year with the rest of the world. Most years– aka most every year– people forget about my birthday because it’s so close to Christmas and New Years. I’m used to it by now, and I’m not alone in this… struggle?… but it’s nice when family and friends do remember without Facebook as an aid.

Anyhow, I’m not one for making resolutions. I’m always charging forward at full speed checking things off my to-do list, knocking down pins, kicking butt and takings names. But you should know that by now if you read along. Instead of resolving to do things, I’m just going to review things I’m going to do!

Right off the bat, and most easy to think about, is obviously the house. We have a couple projects we are hoping to accomplish including our kitchen renovation and finally fixing our foundation, but before we get to those things, our walls are leaking. Somehow, when it’s damp outside, our walls percolate water around the bottom of the wall and part of our hardwood floors. It’s worse when it rains, but it’s not ONLY when it rains. It also happens in the mornings on cool winter days. Our windows also collect major condensation. We’ve ruled out the roof and the windows, we’re down to it possibly being 1) The siding, 2) The rain gutters leaving water next to the foundation 3) The paint, ie. need waterproofing or 4) Indoor humidity. The cheapest of those options is treating the indoor humidity, so I bought us a dehumidifier– which seem to not be sold in any CA brick and mortar stores– and we will see if it helps. It’s an obviously ongoing problem based on the water damage discovered when we had the floors sanded, so please keep your fingers crossed that this isn’t a big project.

I also plan on taking better care of me. My eye has been twitching for a few days, which happens to me occasionally from stress. It’s hard during winter to go out and be fit, so I bought me a yoga/pilates mat and am going to try and use my pilates DVD more often.

Finally, I aim aiming to improve professionally because I want to make more money. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m working on it.

I already feel like I need a vacation!