Two house things to update ya’ll about. The first is that our tree that we had cut down and then sat in our side yard for a few weeks, is finally gone! It went into a dumpster on our driveway along with the toilet that was still hanging around, a cement utility sink, some extra wood and a rolling workbench. Sorry, I didn’t really have the chance to take pictures, but my dad, my Aunt Cindi, Prince Charming, me and our neighbor owned the tree (and a few other casualties). It was actually quite exciting. And rolled into that update, we also got the tree stump ground and one other that has been hanging out since we moved in. Now we have a backyard with one tree and some significantly more open and flat space than before. If the weather holds off, we’ll be working on the backyard more this weekend.

The other update on the home front is that we got the dehumidifier yesterday evening (after one failed delivery attempt). It’s much larger than I thought it would be, but it’s on wheels so once I wrestled it out of the box it’s easy to move around. I immediately turned it on for about 10 minutes, turned it off, and looked in the bucket, but there was no water yet. :0( It was bed time, so I rolled it over to the yellow room, turned it on and set the indoor humidity to 35 ( according to this USA Today article the ideal indoor humidity is 45). With the door closed in the yellow room, and our door closed we could hardly hear it! In the morning the prince checked it and the bucket had a bunch of water… but more importantly… THE ROOM WAS DRY! YAY! No moisture on the floors or walls. Nice! Our room, however, had condensation covering the windows. So this morning I emptied the bucket again before leaving and put it between both rooms in hopes that it will run all day and get rid of some of the darned moisture in our house.

The dehumidifier is at least a better fix for now than opening up walls and it cost less. Maybe this is the weekend to finally install the bathroom exhaust fan???