As most people probably do with Facebook, I was poking around, wasting some time. Because I like to make sure that most private things stay private, I was going through my profile pictures (I work with H.S. students so I want to make sure there’s nothing inappropriate). It’s an interesting collection that almost chronologically tells a story of the past four years of my life. If you think about it, we choose our profile pictures based on what we want to represent us, or the highlights at that point in our life. Allow me to demonstrate from beginning to end:

This picture is the first that shows up, and it’s really because this is when Facebook started making profile pictures its own album. This picture is from a hike I took in Tahoe with friends, I believe it was October because we were up there for my good girl friend’s birthday. This picture represented me at that point because I was in my 3rd and final year of college, spending time with friends, and increasingly many weekends in Tahoe with my friend. Plus I was very image-centric during this period and thought I looked slender here.

Another picture from Tahoe, of course this is now winter. My girl friend and I had gone sledding across the street from her mom’s house. This was probably not the first, but one of many trips with many adventures we had in Tahoe that year. For me it was also a time when I broke up with my college boyfriend so my girl friend and I were able to be single college girls getting into whatever trouble we saw fit.

This is me and my lady friend on St. Patrick’s Day in Downtown San Jose. We had an absolute blast. I think this picture is super cute and it reminds me of how many weekends we spent together during our last year of college. My roommate took this picture and was also a great friend during this time of partying on weekends and studying so hard it hurt.

After all the hard studying (and despite the last three pictures, there was lots), I finally made it. This is my mom and I in front of the Santa Clara Mission with me holding my new diploma. This was obviously a great profile picture because I wanted the whole world to know that I made it, I became a college graduate. Oh, and my family loves me. I’m skipping ahead because the next one is a picture in my cap with the sign of the building I spent most of my last college year in. The Alumni Science building and I got really close.

This picture was taken by a friend who is a professional photographer now. I was in the process of packing up and moving out of my apartment and then was going to move back east. I love this picture because it was an exciting time, it was a warm summer, and there’s so much light in this picture. I was simply happy and looking forward to the next chapter of my life. This picture just catches me when I was very happy.

On my drive across the country we stopped in a part of Utah that had a cliff that dropped off into plains. Or maybe it was a mesa? In any case, this illustrates how I felt (and was before I was fed up with my traveling partners). Road tripping across the country to move to the other coast.

This is the night I met Prince Charming, except this picture is not with him. I imagine most people reading this never had the pleasure of reading my short story about an uninvited guest/coworker, maybe one day I’ll find it and repost. The picture after this on Facebook is actually me with the guy cropped out. This picture is actually pretty important, because to me, it a marker of the night that changed my life. The night I met my life partner.

This is one of the three following pictures of me at Cask n’ Flagon, the bar across the street from Fenway where we got to know the bartenders (free drinks) and the head chef (the guy with his tongue out in this picture; free food). This picture is actually me celebrating my birthday at midnight with a girl friend and the guy in the back was another Cask regular. It was a point when I was starting to date Prince Charming and starting to feel like I knew people in Boston. It wasn’t deep into winter yet.

This is the first time Prince Charming shows up. It was after the holiday season and there was plenty of snow on the ground. I don’t really remember what we were doing this evening– I know my girl friend took this picture of us in Cambridge by her apartment, but that’s about it. It was at a point where I really for sure knew the prince and I were serious. When you put a picture of you and your significant other up as your profile picture, you know that means business.

This and one other picture are up of me and one of the closest girl friends I had back east. This picture was taken on a night when Carlos and I were on a date and she was out with a friend so we all met up. Ohhhh the good ol’ days of dating and being taken out to Finale for dessert! Prince Charming has always been the ultimate gentleman.

Ahh, our first trip to California together! This is obviously Prince Charming and I posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on what was a warm and sunny February day. My girl friend took the picture and we continued the day touring the Bay Area. I like to think the too-perfect weather of this trip is what got the prince to move out here.

This one is actually chronologically out of order because this was still in fall. Besides liking this picture of me, it was on one of our first adventures together. The prince and I went to Maine for the long weekend after Thanksgiving because I decided it would be something fun to do. Along the road was this field and stream with light ice covering the grass. It was beautiful and one of my first times really seeing anything like that.

This was me and another girl friend on a ski trip in New Hampshire. This was the last time I may ever ski as it was traumatizing going up the wrong lift one time. Luckily Prince Charming was there which made the whole experience not as terrible. It was a nice break in the mundane New England winter nut not enough to convince me to stay.

The prince and I during his first trip to Las Vegas, a surprise from me for his birthday. He also got the surprise of his life as I arranged for my parents to meet us there one evening without telling the prince. We’re lucky he didn’t wet himself. This was a great trip as its still pretty chilly back east in April but plenty hot in LV in the spring.

My first Boston Red Sox game with Prince Charming and my parents who came out to visit. This was us in the bleachers before we decided to relocate. For the record, I prefer to see the Sox at any stadium but Fenway because it’s almost guaranteed to be more comfortable.

Speaking of the Sox, me with my dad at a game at Anaheim stadium. Prince Charming’s first time to the stadium and it was a beautiful day for a ball game! I forget who won.

This is only hours after Prince Charming’s first nephew was born. The family waited almost all day to see the little guy and he did not disappoint. I felt honored to be there.

This was from our trip to Barcelona. We decided to take some pictures of ourselves on the steps to an art museum that used to be just a castle. We had a wonderful time on our trip and it was my first time heading over seas. This was shortly before moving out to California.

After a few months of living out west we got our dog, Boo! Our little pound puppy moved in with us when we were still in our apartment and continues to live with us in our house. She was a great addition to our little family.

This is me, the prince, my sister, two of my aunts and one of those aunts’ significant other. We all took a hike and got a great view of the Golden Gate. Prince Charming got to know (and is always getting to know) my crazy family a little better.

Back in Tahoe! Or Truckee to be exact. Prince Charming and I spent Fourth of July with my old girl friend and friends. It was his first time up there and we had a blast.

We went to a couple of Giants games last season and love the stadium. I like this picture because we look like such traitors in our SF hats. I also love that Prince Charming lets me go hog wild with baseball stadium food whenever we go. He’s so supportive.

This is me with my cousin at a my family reunion. We all gather in Maine on a lake and enjoy the time we have with each other. Though Prince Charming wasn’t there for the whole time, he was able to join us for part of the reunion and for the first time see the whole family together though he had met just about everyone individually.

Prince Charming’s second time to wine country! This trip was for a winemaker’s dinner with my parents. It was nice and hot there and dinner was excellent. Unfortunately it was a brief trip out there for only one evening, but memorable.

Long overdue, for Thanksgiving the prince and I took the time to drive down the California coast. This is us on the pier in Santa Barbara. Yes, we both have Rainbow Sandals. His broke and I got him new ones for Christmas one year. This picture is one of those cute pictures where you only need feet to know how happy two people are. Cue the “awwww.”

For the past two Christmases we’ve gone to New Hampshire to spend the holiday with the prince’s family. It’s also a good time to see my family during their holiday gathering. This picture was taken while it was lightly snowing right outside of his parents’ home. We don’t get nearly as many chances to see snow anymore so it’s actually nice when we get to experience it back east.

And finally, Prince Charming and I spending time with friends and family. You’ll notice that toward the end of this long list, there are significantly more pictures with the prince in them. As I mentioned when starting this, it goes to show what one thinks is important in life. I have many pictures with friends, family and my significant other partaking in the highlights of life. These pictures tell an interesting story that is bound to continue.