Exciting post tonight, I’ve decided to live blog the AZ JSA dance/ Spring State. Why? Because I’m bored out of my bad-music rattled skull and I feel like being witty and it isn’t cutting it to harass the high school kiddies about nametags. You, yes, you! Wear your nametag. YES, I AM serious.

10:16pm Good news, the DJ has decided to play Lady Gaga after some now “old school” (that’s what the HS call 2 years ago) hip-hop aka soldja boy and that snap ya fingers song.

10:20pm Bad news, he’s now playing that “get low” song. Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fuuurrrr… that’s an ear worm.

10:23pm SHUT UP. It’s not the to wall song? OHHHH… no it’s MJ! Billie Jean. Uncle Steve would not be having this, or is it only Jackson 5?

10:26pm Stopped a kid for a nametag and then three non-JSAers almost slipped by. See, that’s why we do it.

10:28pm That TikTiok song is on, the DJ hopes all our kids “wake up feeling like this:” P-Diddy.

10:30pm Quick break to print boarding pass.

10:35pm Remind me to add that “push it real good song” to like every playlist I ever make from now on.

10:37pm This song starts “meet me in the hotel room” which I am so sure is not appropriate for this audience.

10:38pm Really, song? You’re going to undress me and then undress you? Great. At the hotel room? Huh, funny being that we’re at a hotel.

10:41pm Now even live blogging is getting boring.