For the last month, until the end of last week, I’ve been keeping some big news reasonably under wrap. Only some close family knew, and as things progressed, more close family and friends knew. No, I’m not pregnant. I got recruited! A new job!

Next Friday will be my last day with JSA and it was with mixed emotion that I took the new job. I’m a big believer of “everything happens for a reason” so when I was approached by the Monster Worldwide (of recruiter with a job that sounded interesting to me, I of course, was interested. It took about a month to go through the motions and close the deal, and at the point they were giving me an offer, mentally I was completely unprepared. “Start date??? Uhh…” I hadn’t even thought about a start date! It’s busy season at JSA, start date?

While I’m bummer that my commute will no longer be just over five minutes away from home, I’m excited to be making more money, have WAY more opportunity for growth, and even be closer to all the friends and family I have in San Francisco. While I see friends and family occasionally who live in SF, you know how city dwellers are, they’re more comfortable in their own habitat. After work drinks with friends and my aunt, here I come.

Down side is that my commute will be about 40 minutes longer and be by car and then train. The up side is that I can read some of the books that Prince Charming and I just ordered. Another down side is leaving JSA, an organization that is very dear to me but also can frustrate me because it has limited funds, limited staff and many processes are antiquated. Overall I know that moving on to a new company is the right decision, I know that it will further my career. And did I mention more money?

I feel very lucky to have been recruited, reached out to for this new position when just over a year ago it took me three months to find a low-paying job that started out as 30-hours per week. It was the perfect thing to tide me over, but I’m getting back on the horse, finally moving up in my salary (I have moved down twice since being a recruiter) and I’m going to work my butt off. After all, everything happens for a reason.