(Written at 8:30m, posted same day in the evening.)

This morning I woke up at 6:15am to gather my things into my backpack and head to the airport. I won’t have been in Los Angeles for even 24 hours after arriving yesterday around lunchtime. Luckily, this is the last business trip, more importantly weekend business trip, that I will be taking for a while. It was fun and exciting at first to travel to places for the weekend, however, I’ve learned that giving up your weekend to travel, usually through the airport, only to arrive and work with sometimes unruly teachers can be a bummer.

Yesterday was my last day of employment with JSA after having given my two weeks notice and it was spent at the LAX Hilton dealing with students and teachers registering for a convention. Yes, I could have stayed for the weekend, a fancy brunch, hanging out with the students I’ve grown fond of and become friends with, but I start my new job right away on Monday so I’ll need the short respite. You know, for my eye to hopefully stop twitching as it has been for this entire week.

The one thing I will miss above all else is the interaction with students. I’ve taught swim lessons, been a lifeguard and a camp counselor, and it was always the kids (of all ages) that I enjoyed about those jobs. It’s the teachers and parents who don’t understand how hard you work, who don’t know what it’s like to register 1,000+ people, and oh-by-the-way-your-kid-didn’t-tell-us-ANYTHING, that ruin it. They take all the positives and turn them right around. I hope that in the end I forget all about that and remember how much I enjoyed the kids. Their smartass comments, their funny personalities, even their teenage dramas. I love that stuff.

As I sit here in the airport, leaving my last JSA convention– the eighth since I started working for JSA just over a year ago, and the 13th or 14th since I participated as a student—with my eye twitching, my throat sore from speaking over loud students, and recovering from yesterday’s splitting headache, it’s hard to say that I’m sad to go. I was definitely over worked and underpaid right up until the last day. My only hope for my new job will be that I am paid fairly for the work I contribute. That I don’t have to deal with angry, irate and irrational people on a weekly basis (and have to smile through it!). But most importantly that I enjoy what I am doing at the new company as much or more than I love working with the students.

Goodbye, JSA. I’m sure this is not the last of you that I’ll see.