I think my time management skills are being dulled or I really am so busy that time flies. Prince Charming and I have been non stop for the past month, I hardly even know what’s happened except that wedding plans for our event in just over four months are being formailized. The wedding is going to be somewhat small and limited to family and very close friends.

Summer is finally starting here and weather where we live has been in the 70s. Last weekend I decided to garden in my bikini top and got the worst sunburn I’ve had in a long time on my entire back. Poor move. The gardening is paying off though with peas and tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and herbs that are getting ready to be harvested.
Work is good but a little slow (and I’m a little fast) so there’s been some time to fit in wedding stuff. I like what I do and the people, and I definitly am not over the newness of perks like free lunch on wednesdays.

Boo is good. We’ve had her for over a year and despite her being a huge pain sometimes, I love her to death. A year older means she’s 12 or 13 and looking better than ever if you ask me.

Life is pretty good and I already can’t wait to get the wedding over with and go on our honeymoon to Costa Rica. We should have just eloped.