Among my emails this morning I received a note from someone named Daphne complimenting me on my blog saying, “I was super impressed by its design and content.” I realized right away something wasn’t right, not because I think I have terrible content (only if you don’t enjoy reading about the garden, house, and my super life) but because the design of my blog is a standard template. Daphne then proceeds to invite me to write for the new community, which I won’t name here for fear of sending people there, about FASHION. Huh. You would think that there are enough blog writers out there that write about fashion that they wouldn’t accidentally land on my blog and email me about writing for a fashion site, because I can’t even remember the last time I might have used the word “fashion” in any of my blog posts. Now if it had been asking me to write about my house, or my garden, even my grumpy old dog, then I might have fallen for it. Alas, no free content generation from me!