First and foremost, I love this stuff. It’s vanilla rooibos tea. How are you so delicious, tea? I’m not really one to spend a lot of money on getting coffee or tea or other beverages from places, but Starbucks, this stuff is awesome. I’m going to have to buy (or have bought for me) the tea bags so I don’t have to pay Starbucks like $3 for hot water every time I want some.

As evidenced by the lack of blog posts since I’m usually much better at writing, things have been hectic around here. We’ve (and by we I mean that mostly I) have been planning the wedding which is coming up in about two and a half months. I’m really stoked about the awesome Spanish-style menu our chef has put together, about the cake flavor we have chosen and about everything coming together. I think we found the florist we’re going with, and I still need to get a Spanish guitarist and DJ but I think those are the last two vendors I need. We should have just blew off the whole big wedding thing, flown off to Costa Rica with whatever family wanted to come and done an elopement, but now it’s definitely too late for that. If you are reading this, Prince Charming, note that means there’s no backing out now!!! Mwahahaha.

Speaking of Prince Charming, he is completely owning our honeymoon plans to Costa Rica and I’m kind of already wondering why we’re only taking a week there—oh yeah, because we would rather not go too crazy and save some money to improve our home. In any case, he’s going to be the Costa Rica expert and that way, post-wedding when my brain is fried I will be able to rely on him. Buena vida!

On top of all the wedding stuff, we’ve been wisely reinvesting our First Time Homebuyer credit from Uncle Sam in the house. We’re going to have it painted, new rain gutters put on, and we were FINALLY able to conquer the landscape. Unfortunately, before getting to the point of being able to conquer the landscape, we had a rocky road of freaking out over how we would be able to afford it. It went like this (with fake numbers, duh):

Me to Prince Charming (PC) while he’s weeding: Let’s hire someone to get rid of the weeds, we’re never going to be able to get rid of them all.

PC: Are you sure? I think we can.

Conveniently a (unlicensed) landscape guy pulls up and says he can take everything out for $100. We say “ok.” Then we are left with dirt.

PC: How much budget do we have left for sprinklers and sod in the front and back, bender board, weed fabric, mulch and either a cement patio or redwood deck?

Me: $400

We proceed to get a quote from a licensed guy for JUST the front yard sod, sprinklers and mulch for $590, and a cement patio for $360, so about $1000 for the front, and patio when our budget is $400. Then the unlicensed guy tells us he can do the patio, front and back for about $1000 but never even sends us the quote.

Us: Oh crap.

The solution ended up coming in the form of my father being able to drive up pretty last minute to help us (mainly Prince Charming) put in a sprinkler system in the front and back, put down sod, and because we got done with all of that so quick, build the frame for our deck. The cost? In total everything will be just under budget. My sister, my step-mom, my aunt and her friend also came over the weekend to lend a helping hand with parts. I am SOOOO thankful that my family was there when Prince Charming and I needed them.

Here’s a little preview of our front yard, sans the hedge and weeds that used to live out front with the hosed lines of what I envisioned going in.

I’ll try and take the time to add more fun pictures of the process once I get them uploaded.

I’m pretty proud that we were able to conquer everything that we did this weekend, with a HUGE portion of the work being done by my dad and Prince Charming. I’m lucky to have two great men in my life.