Big changes are still happening with the house. The deck is in place, the sod has been mowed for the first time and Prince Charming is wrapping up our fence out front. I went ahead and already started planting because weed fabric was needed to fend off our many weeds. I never realized what a difference landscape would make but I have to admirt I’m much, much happier with the house now that coming home doesn’t remind me how much work we still have to do! Knowing that there are only three major projects left is huge!

Professionally there has been some movement at my company. Or maybe I should say a small exodus. It doesn’t affect me too greatly and my job is still safe but it sucks when a few key people leave all around the same time. I hope it means good things for me within the organization even though I’ve only been around for a little over four months.
In regards to wedding stuff, I’m down to only needing to secure two last vendors: the DJ and rental equipment place. We’re meeting with DJs this weekend and I just need to compare prices for the other then they’re all set. It’s hard to believe it’s just under two months away now! When I started, it felt like it would never come. Now I’ve got most of the big pieces in place and will start working on all the details.

That’s what has been consuming my life these days. I’m looking forward to planting more plants and starting my wedding crafts. Wonder if I’ll be bored after all this wdding stuff passes? Nah.