Dumptrucks and DJs and spicy food, oh my! As you can see in the previous post, I had to drive a dumptruck on Sunday. It was not planned. In fact, Prince Charming was the one who was excited about being able to drive the big truck full of new mulch, backing it up into our driveway and dumping the load. Alas, even the best made plans can be shattered. Turns out that, unsurprisingly, out of state licenses older than two years are not accepted to rent trucks (liability, anyone?) so after enquiring what delivery rates and timeframes looked like, it was time for Alanna to step up and drive the dumptruck. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, those curbs though, those were tough. Our neighbor even came across the street to ask if I had truck driving training. No. Really. He asked seriously. I puffed up my chest a little and felt kind of manly. 🙂

Prince Charming also finished the fence this weekend which went from picket fence to more ranch style. It will still be painted white, but it will save us lots of time not having to put up and paint pickets. I’m totally okay with that. All the mulch was finally put down as well and the majority of the yard looks like the finished product. Of course over time I will be putting in plants to fill in. Some drought tolerant plants and such where there isn’t sprinkler spray and some more water loving plants where they will get as much water as the grass. It’s like painting a canvas! There’s nothing I love more than neighborhood folks walking by and exclaiming that we’re doing a great job and they like what we’ve done. Oh, and painting starts on Wednesday. Woo hoo! House spirits are high!

On Sunday afternoon we met with two and picked one DJ. Hooray! That’s the last person I had to get in place now I just have to compare prices from some rental companies for the linens, chairs, etc. for the wedding. I’m getting into the details now and feel relieved that all the big pieces are in place and the picture is coming together.

Finally, last night I made dinner. Our neighbor had brought over some of his bounty from his garden: tomatoes and chilis. I used three tomatoes, a single jalepeno from my Farm Fresh to You shipment, half an onion, two handfuls of cilantro and a lime to make some pico de gallo. Turns out the jalepeno was amazingly spicy and kept making my lips tingle so I only tasted my creation once. Prince Charming, on the other hand, LOVES spicy food and since I deprive him of it (unless I accidentally make something really spicy) he ate the entire bowl of pice de gallo that I made! It was kind of awesome. It also made me realize how greatly I deprive him of spicy food. Good thing there are still more jalepenos and chilis on hand!

Good, industrious and work filled weekend.