The last time I posted I mentioned that I’m worried about the dog. She had an accident because she was stuck in the house, I figured she’d get better. Unfortunately I think it was a sign of things to come and she’s continued to have bladder problems. We know that it’s a part of Cushing’s Disease, so we aren’t mad at her, but the poor dog has been leaving little puddles. For instance, over the weekend I had a nice long chat with my uncle and the dog started whining. Prince Charming finally disengaged from his laptop to let her out. This normally wouldn’t be any problem at all. However, after I got off the phone, I noticed she left a puddle behind. Definitely not her whole bladder (I know that amount since she had the accident being stuck in the house) but enough to make a little wet spot. This happens fairly regularly now and every time she gets up from laying down somewhere I try to check to see if there’s pee to clean up. About one out of three times there is.

The rain gutters went up on the house this week and we had to give the guys access to the backyard. Instead of leaving the pooch inside, we put her beds in our newly tidied garage and let her stay in there (still no door for backyard access). When Prince Charming got home, there was a full bladder worth or urine. At least it was on the cement floor in the garage and not the hardwood floors inside. Luckily tomorrow we have a plumber coming to give us a quote for moving the washer and dryer so we can put in a functional side door with a doggy door. This way, now that the dog will be spending more time outside, she can sleep under cover when it’s cold or rainy.

Speaking of outside, Boo had to sleep outside last night. Even letting her out right before bed, she can’t sleep through the night anymore without having to go to the bathroom and for the last couple of days if she came back inside for the rest of the night I had to clean up a little pee spot in the morning. I felt like a terrible owner for making her sleep outside, but we can’t constantly be cleaning up after her. I’ll feel a lot better once she has access to the garage.

On a related note, who wants to place bets on how much the plumber will estimate this small project to be? It will take moving the washer and dryer to the other side of a side door (about 32 inches). They will have to pipe the water above or over the door’s threshold, but they could tap the gas in a different spot or go above or over the threshold of the door. Here are the only pictures I could dig up:

I’m hoping it doesn’t cost more than $500 because I don’t think it’s a very complicated project. In fact, if it was $300 I would be happy. If it’s even less than that, I would have a plumber for life. However, something tells me at least one of the two guys we have coming to give us a quote are going to be like, “Ehhhh, $1000.” And I’ll be like, “Whaaaaa?????” It won’t really go like that. But that’s how it plays out in my head.

Again, I owe the blog world pictures of the house now that it’s all beautiful outside. Prince Charming keeps reminding me that we need to put things on the walls. We don’t really have much for the walls. I’ll try again to ask for things in this space which so far has not worked: we need artwork.

Looking forward to doing that before and after post of the exterior here soon!