At the end of my last post I mention our current house project (I know, they come and go so fast it’s hard to keep up with). The first plumber came out to give us a quote this morning. Almost the first thing he pointed out was that the sewage line on the washer isn’t really the right way to do it though it’ll work. But because of the sewage line, the washer can’t be moved to the other side of the door. Fine, I say, let’s just do the dryer. One might think that would reduce the cost and as previously mentioned, this project, in my head, is worth no more than $500 (you can all now stop wondering why we don’t have cable or a super tv, it’s because we have projects like this to take our time and money).

The plumber does a little measuring, lookong around, says they also are licensed rt move the electrical and can get everything for the dryer on the other side of that door, ready to use, for $967. Oh, and that line through the wall for a hose and/or the dog’s lixit? Only an extra $125 so a grand total of about $1,100 to move a dryer over 32 inches. I am in the wrong business.

Next quote is scheduled for Monday and Prince Charming is making some more calls.