As evidenced by the numerous pictures I’ve been posting, I’m in Chicago. For business. But since I’ve never been here before I’m also trying to spend as much time as possible as a tourist. Despite all the amazing recommendations I’ve been receiving mostly on Facebook, there’s just no way to get to all of them. Yesterday I was able to cross both Chicago style hot dogs (at Portillos) and Chicago style pizza (at Lou Malnati’s) off the list. Today I intend to see the bean at Millenium Park because how could I be in Chicago without a picture of me with The Bean!? It’s also not a very far walk from the office. There has also been talk of getting a drink at the Hancock Building’s bar on the 95th floor because the view is one of the best in the city. I like it here but I’ve heard that winter is more terrible than the one I experienced in Boston, so I’m not getting any ideas. Good place to visit. That’s it.

To wrap up the plumber-moving-dryer saga, as mentioned, in my mind the moving of the dryer (which started as moving of the washer and dryer) was a $500 or less project. We had the second plumber come out on Monday after the first one told me that for a spigot and moving the dryer it would be $1,100. This other guy, T-Kor Plumbing, had some good reviews and I was hoping that he wasn’t going to give me another ridiculous price. Sure enough, for the spigot and the dryer he said it would be no more than $500! I immediately said, “When can you start?” and scheduled him for Wednesday morning. Ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want to jinx it, but we may have found ourselves our go-to plumber.

On top of house projects and being away for business, there is that whole wedding thing sneaking up on us in a month. Lots of folks have asked how I’m doing with the planning bit. Pretty great, actually. I’m a planner by nature, so despite feeling a bit overwhelmed when I hadn’t gotten all the major players in place, I’m feeling pretty good a month out with the big pieces in place. All that practice with contractors for the house was majorly put in use for the wedding vendors. However, if we have crappy vendors like we had crappy contractors, I will not be so happy. Or I’ll have an extra glass of champagne and forget about it.

I keep promising house pictures and yet I never deliver. Well, take note that I took them and they are living on the camera, it’s just a matter of time before I transfer them to the computer and then online. The house looks awesome, if Prince Charming and I do say so ourselves. Plus, we have only two more major fixes before we feel like we’ve really completed our whole turn around: kitchen and foundation. We officially got the keys to the house right at the beginning of October, so in the past year we’ve done a lot. Perhaps I will have a recap when I do the house pictures. We may need to have a “Happy Birthday, House” BBQ as well? He told me the other day, as he was staining the deck, “If I had known how much work we had in front of us, I don’t know if I would have agreed to this.” Haha. We both agreed that sometimes ignorance is bliss.