Sometimes life moves really quickly. My last post discusses Boo’s health, boarding her, and hoping she’d be around after our honeymoon. Unfortunately, she took a turn for the worse and she had to be put down before we even went on our honeymoon. She will be very dearly missed not just by Carlos and myself but by the many folks who met her and loved her. She was ornery, she could be a little grumpy, but she was Boo. She was our Boo.


Our honeymoon was excellent and we had a lot of fun. We like to see and do when we go to new places so we had to make sure that we took time to relax and enjoy our wedded bliss as well. I can’t imagine taking a vacation over a week, by that time I’m ready to go home and get back into the swing of things.


Since I’m amazingly stingy, thrifty and money conscious, I was able to execute a wedding in a reasonably tight budget and exceed expectations for the spending. Therefore, we get a new kitchen! I’m pretty excited but I’m also thinking, “I thought we were done with big projects for a little while!” That means more blogging about the house (again). There are a lot of big changes that will happen in the kitchen and it’s going to take a while. Maybe my dad thought I needed another big project to plan now that the wedding is over. Hah.

Since I’m trying to get motivated for this, I’ve been looking at pictures. Here are some things I like so far:
I like the way this kitchen looks with white cabinets and the brown countertops. Our kitchen will also have the bar that extends a little bit. I haven’t decided yet if we will do white or wood cabinets because I haven’t seen pricing yet. I doubt we will do high end countertops because we can get the same look and functionality with man-made products.

I like the curved edges of this bar and I love the thing behind the range. I also like the backsplash tile. While I don’t think I’d go with dark cabinets or stainless steel appliances (white instead?) I really like a lot of this kitchen’s design.

One of my favorite things about the kitchen now is the ability to store and display some of my glassware and serving dishes. It would also be really nice to have a place to store wine and I was thinking something like the image on the right would work because it allows bottles of different sizes to be stored. The image on the left has a corner shelf which I was thinking out be perfect for the place where the cabinets end above what will be the bar. Plants or other decorative dishes would look great in the corner display space and I believe it’s a nice way to cap off the cabinets with something a little decorative.

I think the new kitchen should also have pull out shelves, pull out drawers with small storage (for pot lids!) and for our one corner cabinet (because the other will be the sink) we can get the lazy susan cabinet. We definitely have to have as much storage as possible in what will still be a small kitchen.

That’s it for now. Work, work, plan, plan.