Check this out! I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at stats for my blog (I didn’t even know where they lived on Blogger) but I found them tonight. Do you see that!? I have an international audience. Sure, this is all time and most page views were probably accidents, but it’s so cool. Kind of random.

Another fun fact, besides people who are obviously searching for me or my blog (keywords like “alannaface”) a handful of people got here because I posted about a possible pebble floor in my bathroom. We ended up not doing that, but since I was so obsessed with the idea, apparently it turned up in search results. Ultimately we only ended up with pebbles as part of our fireplace mantel. Oddly, someone searched “bleedingraspberry youtube” and got to the blog as well. That’s just scary. At least it was only one person.

Maybe I should try to post more often or at least be a little more interesting?