I’ve been brushing up on my “Consumer Reports” reading while on the train to work in preparation of our kitchen remodel. One of the appliances Prince Charming and I are looking forward to most is a dishwasher. Maybe more him than me since he does most of the dishes while I do most of the cooking. In any case, I intend to make an informed decision about our new appliance and first read the article about dishwashers and all the different features. I thought, “Low noise sounds like it’ll be important to us in our small house and the grinding feature that is like a garbage disposal in the dishwasher (instead of cleaning a filter) sounds worthwhile too!” Simple enough, right? Unfortunately it looks like those two features don’t go well together. Not to mention as I start reading throught the rankings, it appears that and of the top performing machines are $700 plus! For a dishwasher. Are you kidding me?! Of course there is a $400 model much further down in the rankings, but I had no idea dishwashers cost so much! I can’t believe it.

After getting shocked by dishwashers, a little later today I was thinking about sinks. Now, I had the idea that since our sink configuration isn’t changing that we could keep our sink. Sure it’s old, but we’ve found that a little Ajax makes that baby look whiter than the sun. Prince Charming shot down my proposition. So in the interest of being a good wife I looked up sinks. While up until recently I am against apron front sinks (aka farm sink), I’ve been thinking it might not be so bad. I went to a certain big box hardware store website and searched “apron sink” thinking that they might start around $100. HAH. You know what they start at? $700!!! Are you kidding me? And they can be in the thousands! For a sink! Maybe I’m missing something and there’s really a dishwasher built in? Regular sinks do, however, start lower. I still don’t understand why we should replace our perfectly good sink? We just need to add a garbage disposal and we’d be golden.

I learned today that this kitchen thing is going to be expensive. I mean, I knew that already. But this snapped me back to reality. Maybe I should set up a fund.