Why can’t I get motivated to start putting together the kitchen remodel?! Prince Charming doesn’t really like helping that much with the planning stages of projects especially big ones like this. Fortunately, there are lots of things I’m really bad at that he handles like no one’s business. And that’s why we’re a good team.

In any case, I haven’t even gotten around to measuring the kitchen yet. Yikes. That’s pretty bad. Just over a year ago I was super gung-ho to dig into house projects but I think the past year has tired me out. Let’s see, major things we’ve done or had done to the house:

  • New/updated electrical
  • New plumbing
  • Refinish the original eucalyptus floors
  • New windows
  • New interior paint
  • New gas fireplace insert including some new tiling around the mantel
  • Fully new bathroom (new fixtures, new and moved lighting, new tile, refinished tub)
  • New deck
  • New front fence
  • New side fence and gates (thanks to the fire)
  • New grass
  • New mulch
  • New exterior paint
  • New side door in the garage
  • New refrigerator and washing machine

I’m forgetting or not including some, like the plumber who moved our dryer and other little things. Of course on top of all those projects I planned a wedding in about six months and we took numerous trips. It just doesn’t make sense why I can’t get my planning juices ramped up—could it be I’m just drained right now? I have a pile of Christmas presents waiting to be sorted and wrapped, also. Our second bedroom/guest room/office is overflowing with piles I’ve been putting aside. However I’ve been a baking and cooking machine lately, probably because I find it truly relaxing to cook and bake.

In an attempt to get my kitchen planning juices flowing, I collected a few more pictures of things I like. If we had the money I wish we could just hire a general contractor to oversee everything, but even that is no easy task with so many people out there willing to take your money and not deliver. Ugh.

This one stood out because I like the shape of the counter that juts out. We probably can’t have a counter like this or this shape, and I think the corners look a little sharp, but I like it. I also like the display cabinet above it. I was brainstorming last night where I’d like to put things in the new kitchen and I think glasses and wine should go over by where the new bar (current wall) will be because that’s where I would most likely use those things to serve. So a display cabinet there would be really perfect. I also like the color of the cabinets, counter tops and the backsplash. This is how I picture our backsplash (or at least behind the range) looking. I also like the under counter lighting but I don’t like the light fixture. Our floors also will not be wood, maybe something like the tile that is on the backsplash here? Overall though, satisfactory.

This, in a lot of ways, is the kitchen I think is most aligned with how I picture a nice kitchen. I think the yellow is winning me over, or the window covering because they are almost what we have, or maybe it’s the plants? I think I like the cabinet style and colors along with the light counter top. I think I like this kitchen also because it’s a blend of rustic/old (the wood color) and new (the cabinet style, sleekness). It’s plain and simple, both things that will integrate well with the rest of the house. Nothing can be too gaudy or it would look really out of place. That’s why the cabinet design can’t be too bold, I really think something like this would work. Again with the wood floors though. No wood floors for us.

I chose this picture not for the cabinet style (not plain enough) but for their color. The off-white might work in our house, and as mentioned in my previous kitchen post, if white is cheaper than something that looks like wood, I’m very likely to choose a shade of white. I hate the handles on these cabinets but I love the light cabinets with a slightly darker counter top. The backsplash is also nice here with the different colors of tiles. I can’t find any pictures with floors that aren’t wood! I know that’s the in-style material, but I don’t really want to go that route. Our microwave will also function as a range hood, and while my parents have one of these lower microwaves, I’m not a big fan. I guess I’m used to our microwave being pretty high– on top of our fridge currently– so I’d rather have something a little closer to eye level.

That’s all I’ve got in me right now. I suppose Prince Charming and I need to take a trip to Ikea to check out what they have to offer, and then maybe Home Depot. Ikea has a tool where I can do a lot of the kitchen planning myself, but I don’t really know if that’s what I want to do. When we first bought the house I thought the kitchen would be the first thing we would do, and now I almost wish it had been because I would have been 100 times more motivated to do it! Maybe once we get past the holidays I can begin to concentrate on what needs to be done and get the measurements.