Life has been happily same ol’ same ol’ lately, yet, as evidenced by the lack of checking in during February, busy! February, the month that always goes by quickly. Those two days really make a difference.

Water polo has been taking up prime time twice a week each week but it’s really nice to get in the pool. It’s good to have a little social time outside of work as well. It also made having long hair even more annoying to try and get under a swim cap! Ever since the wedding, where I wanted to have my hair long, I’ve been meaning to get my hair chopped off and donate it to Locks of Love, a non-profit charity that makes wigs for financially disadvantaged kids, mostly with alopecia areata. They have a disease with no cure and can’t ever grow back their hair. It takes about 10 ponytails to make just one wig, and this is only my second time donating which means I’ve got 8 more ponytails to get chopped of to make one wig. Of course, the before and after picture is the fun part:

Notice how much better my hair looks when it’s no longer connected to my head, what the heck is up with that!? I’ve been getting used to having pretty short hair but I kind of like it.

You may notice the kitchen behind me has not changed. We met with one guy whose company can do the kitchen A-Z but may cost more. I want to do some cost comparison analysis to see if taking the reins myself might save some money and if the money saved is worth my time and energy. When we saved a couple thousand on the landscape, it was well worth it. We saved money by doing the labor ourselves because the work wasn’t that technical. But do I really want to be worrying about the plumber, the cabinet installer, the electrician, the tile installer, picking out the appliances, etc.? The answer is no. I don’t want to be the boss. Either does the husband, if you were wondering.

Nothing new here besides that. Just trying to take it easy and are looking forward to the spring weather being here for good!