Good news, making kale chips turned out really well. They are decidedly better when fresh out of the oven and next time I will let the husband and myself devour them all when they’re fresh. I saved a bag of them and tried re-crisping in the toaster oven but I promptly burned them. Here they are fresh (click the picture to link to the recipe I used):
For dinner that same night I didn’t know what to make but ended up settling on something that used up a bunch of spinach and some of the bagged baby spinach I had. It was cheesy spinach pasta which is remarkably low in fat despite how it looks (click link for recipe):

I didn’t have goat cheese on hand so I just used some white cheddar and more cream cheese. This could have used some lemon juice and maybe more garlic because I thought it turned out a little more bland than expected. I cooked up some chicken Italian sausage and served them together which upped the flavor a little more. Not too bad.

I have some more pictures to post because I was taking them to share but apparently my “smart” phone isn’t that smart and I can’t get it to post picture to the blog. My regular dumb phone does a better job but doesn’t take the same quality pictures. Ohhhh woe is me. šŸ˜‰