The kitchen has passed it’s first inspection and is on to the insulation and drywall phase. The refrigerator alcove is built out, there’s a short wall that I think wasn’t supposed to be there and the holes for the can lights are in place. This week will be making the walls look nice again and putting in light fixtures before cabinets arrive next Thursday.

One change already occurred when the contractor asked if we want pendant lights over the peninsula (where that wall that may or may not exist is). Originally I had nixed the idea but I gave in and said yes. Now the husband and I need to pick another thing out! I’m sure it will look great though. Hopefully I’m able to pull through and choose everything this time. Some of you may remember I short circuited on tile for the bathroom and for the life of me couldn’t decide so my wonderful aunt and then-boyfriend had to choose. Ah, times have changed.