First off, did you notice I redesigned the blog!? Nothing fancy, but I made the ads easier for you to click on and make me some money. I’m talking pennies at a time. It will help to fund projects int he kitchen and garden so please click away.

You didn’t come here to read about my redesign or the ads though (doesn’t mean you shouldn’t click them)! I have a picture for ya’ll of the drywall covering the insulation. This view is from where the sink will be toward the living room that’s separated by plastic so dust doesn’t fly over there.

Did I mention that the only insulated walls in our entire house are now the kitchen walls? In the first kitchen picture you will see the felt paper covering the original redwood siding of the house. It’s been since resided (over the redwood) by cement siding visible on the outside of the house today. That means the whole rest of the house is just the drywall, some beams, redwood siding then cement siding. Awesome. I can’t imagine why heat and cold transfer so well!? A little higher eye view below where you can see where the wall came mostly out and the can lights.

Oh, the wall? I was feeling pretty cocky about that originally. “There’s not supposed to be a wall there, let’s see what happens when the cabinets come!” Well I was looking at the plan again yesterday to figure out how much tile we need (more on that below) and discovered that, wait a moment, yes, there is a wall in the plan! Our general contractor was right, he was just building the plan! That means the kitchen cabinet designer who insisted there be a wall added a wall even after the general contractor said one wasn’t needed and I stressed that I didn’t want one. That’s 3-4 inches of wall, plus we had an odd size and added a 3-4 inch spacer next to the sink. That’s 6-8 inches of wasted space! It doesn’t seem like a whole lot, no one will notice, but I’m supremely irritated that the designer completely ignored what we wanted and kept the wall. Sure, it’s out fault for not catching it but there was a whole conversation around it. I don’t really want to talk about it. It’s too late to make a change since cabinets are already on a truck to be delivered on Thursday.

As for counters and tile, the husband and I chose a counter fairly easily. We liked two choices, one was a marble with coco colors and the other a more generic but nice granite that is black, brown and golden/yellow. One was more expensive and required more care so I think you all know we chose the cheaper one. Granite it is! We went back and forth on what kind of porcelain ceramic tile to choose and ended up going with a light neutral with some golden tones.
Ah your first glimpse of some of the finished product. That’s the color of our cabinets but not the style and that is the sample tile we ended up choosing. How could any new homebuyer not like that?! Downside? It’s going to get dirty quicker than a dark color but it may show scratches less than a dark tile. We’ll just need a nice rug.

That’s it for now, go click some ads!