When the husband and I went to the tile store earlier this week we were the only customers (mostly because we showed up right before closing!) with the designer, Cynthia. Her loyal pal, Dude, the golden doodle was right by her side though! (Note, the picture above is not Dude.) He is two-years-old and a very cool dog. We were told he’s a mini poodle mixed with a golden retriever so was the perfect size. Reasonably mellow but playful when he gets riled up.

While the husband and I are not going to be adopting a furry friend any time soon, Dude opened my eyes to a new breed. I always thought these guys looked like Fozzy the Bear, but after spending some time with Dude, a very sweet boy, I thought this could be a breed for us to consider. Also, they’re hypoallergenic! The poodle has hair, not fur, and so they don’t have dander. I’ll have to look into how much they shed and where the local rescues are next. šŸ˜‰