I’m glad we went to the tile and granite store and had so much selection. I’m glad that while we were there I learned about golden doodles. And I’m even glad that we went there so that someone could tell me how much tile we needed to order. This is tile (in a fancy room) that we picked out:
It’s Italian. It’s porcelain ceramic. It’s way fancier than Home Depot could ever possibly aspire too. And so is the price. We ran short 5 tiles. Since we had to special order the last 5 (with more shipping) they are going to be the most expensive tiles in the room. Now I’m kicking myself saying, “Why didn’t we just go to Home Depot and pick out some of the el cheapo tiles!?” If we ran out we could have skipped down there and grabbed a couple new ones. Heck, even with all the broken ones that come in a package it probably would have been cheaper. BUT! It’s Italian. And it does look pretty. This better have good resale value.