Your first glimpse of the granite! Okay, so it’s a cellphone picture and really hard to see and has the template all over it and it’s at a weird angle and there’s kind of some random car in the way. But it’s the granite that’s going to go into our kitchen!
Before I continue on about the granite, did you know this is my 300th post!? We’re also finally inching toward the 3k mark in views. If you like my blog, I encourage you to share a link.

Back to the granite. The real reason you’re here. Judging the granite. Without getting into too much boring detail about how they fabricate granite countertops– which of course isn’t boring to me– they need a couple inches on either side of the actual countertop measurement for the little fancy edge we chose. What you see about is the countertop plus a little extra, however, they are telling us that we don’t have enough granite to do the countertops, 4″ backsplash all around and a piece behind our stove. I’ve been told at least five times I need to shell out another couple hundred bucks for another slab. By “I” I meant the husband and I, of course. Each time I ask if there’s some way we can make it work. Today I suggested not having the piece behind the stove included and we’ll go with tile instead. It’s my last ditch effort to save money here.

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