When I got home from work today, the plastic sheet that was dividing the dining room and kitchen was gone! It feels a little more like a real house again. I will miss the privacy that the plastic provided, though, from the rest of the house when I am still getting ready for work and the workers show up. It’s a fair trade off for being able to sit on my couch (with the new coffee table) and look into the kitchen. Is this how it’s going to be when we finally get to entertain!? People can be in the living room and I will be able to talk to them from the kitchen!? Amazing.

You will also notice that the kitchen is painted the same color we use for the rest of the living spaces in the house, Toasted Cashew. We won’t be doing a tile backsplash around the kitchen because I like the simplicity of it without so the paint made the most sense to keep the same. Besides, there’s not that much wall that had to be painted in the kitchen so a new color would have been strange.

How’s the timeline look? Well those last five tiles for the floor should arrive tomorrow and hopefully that means they will be installed tomorrow or Thursday in addition to the grout. Once the tile floor is done, appliances can be installed so we should have that done by sometime next week. In the mean time, I’m going to order the cabinet pulls for the kitchen even though I kind of like the look of the cabinets without them. Looks like I can get the best price by ordering these online:
The last piece to the puzzle will be granite. I was supposed to get a picture of the template on the slab today for approval but it hasn’t appeared in my inbox, maybe tomorrow? They took measurements last Thursday and it can take 2-3 weeks before install, so the end of next week or the following week? I think it’s safe to say we’re in the home stretch!