I said I was going to start being better about giving my blog readers pretty pictures to look at and then I go right back to a phone picture. I’m sure ya’ll can deal with it, though. Here’s where we are with the kitchen:

Yes, that’s right, we got a blue stove. No. Just kidding. That’s the film on it and the blue will be stainless steel. There’s still cardboard over the floor but I can assure you that it looks awesomesauce. What’s that off to the left!? It’s our fridge in its new fridge alcove home!!! Pretty exciting. How do you like those fancy undercabinet lights!?

The granite should be going in on Tuesday or Wednesday next week, handles are arriving today and should go on as well. Then, that’s it. By the end of next week we should be done. I’ll be cooking and baking up a storm. I. Can’t. Wait.