For the past three 4th of July weekends the husband and I have gone on weekend trips (Montreal, then Tahoe, then Shasta) so this was the first year we stuck around and got to venture out for a local firework show. We live very close to the San Francisco Bay where we can see north to San Francisco, east to Oakland and all the other cities between. Last night, around 9:15pm we headed in the direction of our local fireworks show and ended up pulling over en route where there were lots of cars and people stopping to watch the shows from the Bay Trail. We got there in time to watch the sky turn from pink to dark blue and could literally see tens of firework shows going off around the Bay. There were at least five in San Francisco, a couple across the Bay and then eventually a 30 minute show– the one we had come for– that was much closer.

Overall it was a beautiful experience to see so many people out on a clear night enjoying the great views. I can’t say that we’ll be in town next year again but I know where we’ll go to watch the fireworks if we are.