Remember how we were supposed to have granite installed yesterday or the day before? HAH, like everything could go perfectly smoothly in a kitchen remodel. I guess I forgot to mention that we ended up having to buy another half slab of granite for the kitchen despite asking (begging) the fabricator if there was any way to make everything fit on one slab. Last Monday the fabricator had the second piece, but apparently we got pushed back and they “forgot” to mention that to us or our general contractor. Yeah. Oops.

Instead of getting granite this week (and a complete kitchen) we are getting the handles installed and our new front door. I probably forgot to mention the new front door, but at least it didn’t cost you an extra week without a kitchen! Our front door currently is less than airtight– it has a mail slot that we’ve had more than one person attempt to use as a door knocker. I know. Right?– and it’s not super secure because it only has a regular turn lock. While we’ve got a general contractor and crew who are in and out and about at the house, why not drop a couple hundred extra dollars from that savings account and fix the problem!?

This is our solution. I’m not a fan of the “fan” window (see what I did there) in a lot of typical doors and the long sections in the door instead of the standard six compartments sets this one apart. Plus the squares will look nice with our front window which has fancy square framing touches. For this door no painting is required, just a new knob and deadbolt and a new mailbox that hopefully no one will ever try to use to knock on the door. Ever. Hopefully.

Granite has been postponed until Saturday. Until then, yay new door!