This is an action shot from Saturday when they were about to put the counter on. Needless to say, we have counters now and we spent the weekend unpacking and putting things in their new homes. Am I stoked? Absolutely. One thing worth mentioning is that when the counters went in (which were delayed by five days) they had the wrong edge! We chose bullnose, which for those who aren’t familiar with kitchen remodels, is just a rounded edge. Pretty standard. What came instead is completely different but doesn’t look bad, it’s just not what we ordered. However, they also didn’t install the 4″ backsplash around the kitchen so I’m waiting for the whole thing to be done before giving you the big reveal.When I post pictures of what I made in the new kitchen you’ll be able to get a sneak preview of the granite up close.

The first thing I made on Saturday night in my new kitchen? Grilled cheese with basil in it. I took lots of pictures on Sunday of all the delicious things I made and I will share them here soon.Keep an eye out.