It might be unseasonably gloomy this week in the Bay Area, but our garden is still going strong. I’ve definitely seen some growth over pictures from last week’s Farmer Friday feature. The above orange flower is a first time bloomer for us, I believe. I could just not be remembering it, but I’m reasonably sure I would have noticed the six foot tall stalk capped off by a bright orange flower if I had seen it before. I don’t even know what it is, anyone know?

 Look, grandma, another orchid I haven’t killed! My grandma is an excellent gardener and she has a ton of orchids. Like three thousand of them. That might be a slight exaggeration. But a ton. This is one of the ones she gave me and I’ve managed to not kill it. So far so good.

 Last fall I planted pepper seeds and had a small pepper plant that grew one disfigured pepper. I could have sworn this was the same plant that lasted all through winter and has now gotten huge, but I see no signs of peppers. It just grows tons of little berries that turn black and drop off. Does anyone know if this is a pepper plant or just a weed? It had tons of aphids on it earlier in the season but it’s mostly clean now. If it was a weed the whole time I’d feel like I wasted a lot of effort riding it of aphids.

 This is where my beets and broccoli come from and you can see the asparagus in the front row. Turns out the ferns that grew are not the spears because one of my root stocks (sp?) grew two very thin spears. I let them go to flower because it will make the roots stronger next year. Looks like I still have some beets and broccoli to enjoy!

 My husband got me a bird feeder which I really wanted. I filled it up with bird seeds and the only birds it attracts are sparrows! I know we have other cool birds around. But now under the feeder the millet is sprouting and so are… the sunflowers! I pulled the millet out because it just looks like grass but I’m letting the sunflowers do their thing.

 This is the six-foot tall cherry tomato plant. You know how you’re supposed to plant a few seeds and then thin out the plants if more than one grows? I never do that. So this is what I get. I’m going to be rolling in the cherry tomatoes. What kind?

 Little pear shaped yellow heirloom tomatoes! They are a fun shape and texture so I’m really looking forward to them.

 This is a patch of renegade plants. I didn’t plant anything over here (except a cucumber in the background) and all of a sudden there are five tomato plants, cilantro and a sunflower! I’m letting them grow. I’m hoping it’s last year’s cherry roma tomatoes which got seeded here when the plant was temporarily here.

For a grand finale, this is my French heirloom pumpkin plant. It’s leaves are supposed to look like that. I’m really looking forward to these pumpkins. I got a pumpkin from Trader Joe’s last Halloween that was orange, green and brown and had the most beautiful orange flesh for baking and eating so I’m oping I got the right seeds and this will be the same. I love pumpkins. That’s it for this Friday! Share what you are growing in the comments.