It’s finally time for the big reveal! Remember the above kitchen? Tiny doorway, impossible to talk to people who weren’t inside the kitchen? Aluminum sided Formica counter tops?  I didn’t think I needed to label which ones were the “after” pictures.

No more wall! New lighting, new, appliances, new sink, new table. New everything. Here’s a virtual tour of the old kitchen:

Untitled from Alannaface on Vimeo.


Here’s another before after we cleaned everything up ready for the remodel:


The result in all its glory. The counters will never be this clean again:

Remember that old, dirty oven? How about the trash cans out in the open and poor layout because of the ancient stove that must have been in that space 50 years ago? Gone and gone.

Unfortunately we lost our built-in ironing board cabinet/spice rack but we gained so much counter space and a trash cabinet concealed in the pull out with the white towel. What happened to the refrigerator? It’s one of my favorite parts!

Sorry, ignore the stuff on top of the refrigerator. The husband is going to build me a wine rack up there! Wine rack! Soooo excited for that. He’s also building me new shelves in the garage.

Here is one last before picture. I never even used the built-in cutting board. And that linoleum is just a roll of the cheapo stuff from the big box store that we didn’t even tack down.

Much, much better now with our fancy tile and dishwasher! The husband and I are very happy with the way it turned out.