In order to celebrate the kitchen being done and some conveniently timed rib buying from a warehouse store, the husband and I turned to Southern food to treat our friends. I made a menu that I printed out so everyone could see what to expect (and because I thought it was cute) and so I didn’t forget to put anything out. It worked out perfectly. Plus since we had a vegetarian and non-pork person they were able to plan their attack before food was served. Good thing I made those beans and all sides vegetarian!

 Two gigantic racks of pork ribs meet their fate by basting in some North Carolina rib rub that my cousin included as part of our wedding present. I also used it on vegetables that got grilled and tossed with some popcorn. Yes, rib rub popcorn. I think setting popcorn out as the “appetizer” is my new favorite thing. It doesn’t fill people up too much and it goes great with drinks. Besides, I have like 12 pounds of popcorn kernels in my freezer.

The spread! This was a fairly easy meal to execute because I have two crock pots and most things could be assembled in advance. Slow cooked meat meant you prep it and start cooking it early and all you have to do to serve it is put it out for people to dig in. I also made sweet tea and put out water with limes in it for people to help themselves. You can see the jugs behind the black slow cooker on the right. Instead of stands I used cigar boxes which were the perfect height.

Happy customers! This “table” is actually an old door we took out of the house and we keep on the side yard at my insistence. I’m kind of a pack rat. But this is the second time it’s been turned into a buffet table with two sawhorses (nice ones that are actually for a desk from Ikea) and an outdoor tablecloth. Low cost and easy to pack away when we’re not hosting. That’s my style.