Remember when I asked everyone to vote on the tile for our bathroom? Ya’ll picked ceramic tiles and we went with ones that look more like natural stone. Then it was done along with a ton of other projects which I shared with the blog world right when we moved in.And then we were supposed to be done with the bathroom. HAH. Here it is before we moved in but when we bought the house:

 Yikes. So many things wrong with that picture. An overgrown rosebush through the window (which has been removed and replaced with my vegetable garden), a sink that looks like it belongs in a prison, a super old toilet and obviously original tile. Did I mention how grateful I am that we had white fixtures? I’m glad that tub wasn’t pink.

We refinished the tub, painted, replaced the surround tile, the floor tile, the fixtures and put in a cabinet behind the toilet since we didn’t have enough room for a vanity and needed storage. The towel bar is still awkwardly attached to the windowsill and we kept the original medicine cabinet.

After rushing to “complete” the bathroom I think we both still have some major gripes. Did I ever mention we kicked the guy who was supposed to remodel the bathroom off the job? Yeah. We did. Turns out he was a drunk. I had my final dose of him when he took off in the middle of the day and left the water off in the house and the toilet unattached. If the window guys hadn’t screwed the parts back together before the guy came back to turn the water back on (and promptly leave again) the bathroom would have flooded. The next day my wonderful husband made him pack up and leave. The point of telling that story is that we brought in a real plumber to finish the toilet connection and hooking up the shower. We ended up having to do the caulking ourselves which kind of was a disaster. It may have been slightly downhill from there.

Even though we had this brand spanking new bathroom, we had/have some gripes:

  • On our first shower we realized the hot and cold water on our spigot/handle thing was switched (our general contractor recently figured out that it was just installed upside down! He removed it, flipped in, and put it back on. Seriously!?)
  • We did a crappy job on the caulk and it’s really uneven and got everywhere it shouldn’t
  • We ran out of caulk and started using a different kind that turned yellow in some parts
  • There were enough small holes in the grout that water was getting behind the tile and showed some mold 
  • The paint color I picked (I’ll take the blame here) is like Colgate, not in a good way
  • After we put the new lighting in I did a bang up job of patching the ceiling and now it’s pretty obvious there used to be a light there
  • The towel bar under the window is attached to the windowsill and we hardly use it because we use a colorful fish towel holder that my aunt gave me
  • There’s grout on several of the tiles
  • The tub’s new finish is coming off in spots partly due to our drunkard sticking blue tape on the uncured tub and partly probably due to us not taking the best care of it

 Needless to say there are still improvements to be made. Therefore, this is going to be my new project and while I’m not doing a complete remodel, I will be making some inexpensive changes that should make a world of difference. Here’s my bathroom to-do list, not necessarily in this order:

  • Sand rough and uneven wall and ceiling sections, patch and prepare
  • Remove all old caulk and recaulk using my new fancy caulking tool that will make it look like I knew what I was doing
  • Attempt to remove grout from ON the tiles
  • Patch any holes in the grout (with a tile and grout sealer?)
  • Choose new paint color and repaint bathroom
  • Repaint bathroom cabinet shelf white (since I made a stain on it already!)
  • New bathroom cabinet handles that match the faucet, etc. in brushed nickle
  • Remove the under window towel bar and patch
  • New hand towel ring to the left of the sink
  • New towel hook on back of door?
  • Install dual-flush converter on toilet to save water
  • Frame and hang artwork (thinking postcards) under the window 
  • See if I can lightly sand and fix the finish on the tub in problem areas

Along with doing the bathroom stuff I’d like to replace all of our interior doors (finally) which we didn’t even paint when we moved in thinking that one day we’d replace them all. The doors I want are $25 each at Home Depot and handles should be no more than $15 each. That’s 5 doors and handles so I figure we’ll be spending about $200 on new doors and handles throughout the house. It adds up fast.

Stay tuned, I may need to poll everyone on paint colors when we get some narrowed down!