This has been a hectic, stressful, busy week and it completely slipped my mind to take pictures for Farmer Friday. Instead, I’m featuring some wildlife and then a somewhat bad video of crazy birds.

This is my new bird feeder that I mentioned in last week’s Farmer Friday post because the seeds are falling and sprouting below the feeder. I’m only letting the sunflowers grow because we don’t need a bunch of millet sprouting.

 I hoped to have scrub jays (they’re blue) coming for feedings but all I really get are sparrows on the feeder and occasionally if there are other birds they will pick from the seed that has fallen to the ground. I want a bird bath as well but I was thinking about fashioning it from a large bowl/platter and I need to figure out how to create a sturdy stand for it. However, if all it gets me are more sparrows…

 Look, a real live sparrow using the bird feeder!

Here is my pretty terrible video of some crazy birds (not sparrows) doing a little dust dance but it might be hard to see. I noticed these birds one day because they flew to the side mirrors on the side of my car, latched on while flapping to tried and eat the spiders that live behind the mirror. Now I know why there’s oily dust stuff on the mirrors. Enjoy!