Anyone who owns a home will tell you there are always projects to be done around the house. For that matter, anyone who lives anywhere probably always has home projects to tackle! Occasionally I have my parents around to help take one some projects which usually works out because my dad and husband can go do the “men’s work” while my step-mom and I tend to “womanly” things. Like shopping. Or making dinner. Or laying sod.

I’m pretty excited for having extra help (and motivation) from my parents soon and so I put together a list of things they might be able to help with. They said they light to help. Right? Right! Besides, there could still be time to go play a little 3-par golf course on top of these activities. My Hunny-Do List for the men and the women:

 Men’s Work

  • Install new interior doors & knobs
  • Mulch
  • Build wine rack (or find one) for over the refrigerator
  • Remove solar panels from roof 
  • Make Alanna’s bike like new again

The solar panels on the roof? Well technically they’re solar water heating things. I’ve mentioned them only briefly before in my A Year in Our House Review because there’s a picture that shows them on the top left side of the house. My husband will tell you they look like coffins. I would tell you they make the roof sag slightly and have got to go! It should be a reasonably easy demo job then a minor roof patch. I hope.

Women’s Work

  • Spray paint frames white for hanging in the living room and/or dining room
  • Frame some art for the bathroom, maybe get frames for all the art I want to hang
  • Pick out new bathroom hardware
  • Get supplies for conquering the bathroom (sandpaper, tile sealant, paint, etc)

(Sorry, ignore the husband in that picture at right, I couldn’t find a good one of my step-mom and I doing “women’s work” together alone. You know, because the men like to tag along.)

    I sure hope we can tackle at least one or two of these projects to get me all set for conquering the update of the bathroom that I want and need to do. I’m tired of telling people I hate the color of the bathroom since I’m so embarrassed that it came out that color and was totally my idea. Step one will be picking a new color. And hopefully it’s a good one this time.