Before I jump into the dirty secrets our bathroom has to offer, a little PSA announcement. Remember how I said that it would be great for people to click on ads if they see them? Well AdSense apparently detected fraudulent activity and shut down my AdSense account. Sad face. There goes all ad revenue I had collected in the past four years. So we’re ad free now! There is a new poll to vote on the color of the bathroom, though. For more information read this post and then vote!

Back to the bathroom. I took some new pictures to demonstrate my complaints with it but of course I didn’t take a new overall picture. So, to recap, here is what the bathroom looks like from the doorway, not too shabby:

Please. come in and stay a while. Let me show you around. Here are the blueish greenish tiles and design we picked out straight from the wall at Home Depot. (All pictures can be clicked on to view larger, by the way. But what you see up close may scare you.) We used the tile to try and choose a paint that was the same color but lighter. Apparently our tiles are a darker version of toothpaste. Is that white grout on the far right big blue tile? Yes. Yes it is.

The picture below looks like really dirty grout, and while yes, it’s not super clean, it also looks that way because there are some small holes and discoloration in the grout. The holes are the biggest concern because they will let water seep in so that why we need to seal them. Also, see our beautiful caulking job? There’s new caulk on the left side and then our original bang up job on the right. Grody.

Yes, our bathroom needs to be cleaned, but it’s easier to see how bad everything looks when it’s not sparkling. This is the end of the tub where our braniac bathroom remodeler put tape on the newly refinished tub we told him not to put tape on. Sure enough, it took up some of the finish. The refinshers sent us nail polish sized bottles of stuff that’s supposed to cover spots. This is much larger than a spot. This needs to be scraped or sanded or scraped and then sanded and have a nice coat of nail polish fixer applied.

Wow, super great job with the wall and smearing grout everywhere. I’ve got to find out the best way (if there is one) to remove dried grout from ON a tile. Looking forward to that.

There are a few pieces of old hardware still in the bathroom. This window covering bracket is one of them and should be pretty easy to pop off then patch.

I’ve added contrast to the ceiling picture below so you can really get a good glimpse of my lovely patch job. Can you tell where the light used to be? That’s a silly question. I managed to patch the gaping hole in the ceiling but it needs to be sanded and painted probably 30 more times. Obviously the whole ceiling needs to be painted. Ceiling painting. Only my favorite thing ever. HAH.

Our sink. Ohhhh the sink. This is literally the largest sink size we could have fit into this bathroom. I didn’t take a picture of it, but the door practically grazes the sink on the left side. Yup, tiny bathroom. I would love to get a new soap dispenser (not that I have anything wrong with the plastic brandname one my aunt bought us when we moved in because it’s the only one that fits there) that maybe isn’t plastered with a brand name. Or maybe a wall mount one. Maybe a bar soap holder? Or a liquid soap dispenser holder? Maybe wall mount the toothbrush since it has the holes for that? But wait….

Here’s that entire wall by the sink. You figure soap should be on the right because we are right handed but I was hoping to put either a hand towel ring or hook to the right as well so you don’t have to use the towels under the window to wipe your hands. But will it all fit?

There you have most of it! There were some picture I took a look at that were even more embarrassing of our dirty bathroom secrets. I omitted those for your reading pleasure. What should I do about the handtowels? Should I just give up and leave them under the window? Move them closer to the sink? Towel ring or towel hook? Settle with the current soap dispenser or try and wall mount something? Any advice would very much be appreciated.