The sunflowers have bloomed! Looks how lovely this one is.

These two are part of a mixed sunflower seed packet so they’re different types.

This one is going to have multiple blooms! Multiples! I didn’t even know there were sunflowers that did that!

Check out all the blooms on the French pumpkin! Those don’t all turn into pumpkins, right? I mean, that would be pretty jam packed in there.

My baby lime tree is growing babies! With a little help from a good bug.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but this is the itty bitty lime from 3 weeks ago. Maybe I need to water more?

Our first batch of tomatoes is ripening finally. We’ve already been using the basil constantly so it’ll be nice to have some fresh tomatoes to go with it. This plant is going to have a ton and that’s not counting the roma tomato plant or the other surprise tomato plants. I’m going to have to learn how to can tomatoes, I think.

This is the plant with the yellow tomatoes. It got so big that it tipped over. That fence behind it is 7-feet. This plant is giant!

These are the grapes you saw a few weeks ago. Again, sorry for the blurry picture. Aren’t they cute, though!?

And finally, my favorite rose bush that keeps producing beautiful blooms!