I was reading one of my new favorite blogs last week, Young House Love, and a challenge was announced. There’s a website called Pinterest which allows users to “pin” images from across the web and the challenge was to take one of the “boards” you’ve created and actually do the project you’ve been brainstorming. Well, I cheated a little by creating a board for this project since I wasn’t signed up before, but I made one I’d been looking at pictures for of white picture frames. So I joined the #pinterestchallenge because I like a good before and after! (Check out Young House Love’s clothespin light fixture!)

My dad pawned a box of picture frames off on me and they’ve been sitting in the garage waiting for new picture or to be updated somehow and the husband had grown tired of our hand woven piece from Barcelona so this was the perfect chance to put those frames to work. A littlepreview of what we had before:

The colors worked but I think it was too saggy in combination with the couch looking a little more… smooshy… than when we first bought it. In a good way of course. In a I-want-to-sink-into-the-super-comfortable-couch way.

My first step was to pull out identical frames and there were three of them. See those yellow round stickers? They almost went to a buyer at a yard sale years ago! I pulled out the glass, pictures and mats. Those pictures are originals that my dad took and had printed probably before I was even born. How do I know?

Because I uncovered the below picture of my mom and older sister behind one of the pictures. My sister is so young in this picture I was only a gleam in my father’s eye at that point. And to think some random stranger could have gotten this at a yard sale!

After removing everything from the frames I wiped them down because they were super dusty and then laid them on a drop cloth.

It took two passes with the spray paint to make sure they were completely covered and then some touch up. The hardest part was making sure nature didn’t interfere with my new glossy white paint.

I let them dry outside for the rest of the day. The next day I set to work cleaning the glass.

The glass was super dusty and dirty but is now in tip top shape.

It took a few trips back and forth to the craft store to finally get some mats for these bad boys but I finally had everything reassembled and ready to go. I used some of my intensive math skills to measure and center the pictures along with a large level to get the markings and then I only had to make three holes in the wall to hang the pictures. Luckily the previous holes are covered by the new frames.

The big after pictures… welcome to our living room!

The couch still looks smooshy and I’m thinking I need more frames for the wall, but it’s an improvement. I like the new clean lines the frames provide. Three more would have probably made a better impact but this works for now.

The two best parts about the challenge were that I felt like I really accomplished something by myself by painting and hanging these frames that had been sitting un-used for so long in the garage and finding that picture of my sister and mother.

Once I hung these pictures I went on a framing and hanging rampage and framed two other pictures and hung three pieces throughout the house. Now I’m all primed and ready to tackle the bathroom refresh in a week!