This Friday I’m taking a break from sharing my garden and linking to some other folks who do some wonderful home farming in their gardens. Please take the time to check some of them out!

Pioneer Woman’s “Garden”

She lives in Oklahoma on a ranch. A real, live, working cattle ranch. Naturally she has lovely raised garden beds growing everything from tomatoes to kohlrabi (above) though due to recent drought and storms I think the vegetables are probably looking a little worse for wear at this point.

The Art of Doing Stuff’s “Flower of the Week! Scapes.”

This woman honestly writes one of the funniest blogs that I read. This post talks about her garlic scapes (or the neighbors?) but click around on her blog to read about other gardening, how to start vegetables, her hen house, testing WD-40 myths and all kinds of other fun around-the-house adventures.

Serious Eats’ “The Crisper Whisperer’s Edible Garden: 15 Easy Vegetables to Grow”

First, it’s not too late to start planting a garden. Fall is right around the corner which means lettuce, broccoli, beets and greens can all go into the garden depending on your weather. Second, I love Serious Eats. All of it. Sure, it makes me super hungry to be looking at lovely pictures of food that I want to eat, but  it covers many different regions, restaurants, recipes and even a few posts on vegetable/ fruit/ herb gardening. If you have a RSS feed, it’s worth adding!

There you have it, take a peek at what other folks are doing from around the web and enjoy!