Remember how I was talking about working on the bathroom again because I wasn’t happy with it even after it was remolded before we moved in? I had decided there needed to be a whole slew of things done including painting so I put up a poll about which color ya’ll thought I should paint the bathroom. Well, only six people voted so I went and did this:

Yup, it looks gray. Nope, it wasn’t supposed to be gray at all. It was supposed to be a light dusty blue. That is most definitely the last time I try “color match” at a big box store. You have never even remotely matched my color, “color matcher.” I’ve only tried doing the match thing twice, but I’m seriously never trying it again. Any how, the paint was on the wall and I was irritated and that sad trumpet “you lost” wah, wah, waaaahhh went through my head. Maybe the poll results were right (I know, I didn’t give light dusty blue a choice but there were no writes in either)!?

Back to the drawing board. I returned to Home Depot to try and fix my ways. You will have to wait and see what I did instead!