Dear tomato and basil,

Before there was Bert and Ernie, before there was Captain and Tennille, before there was even Bonnie and Clyde, there was tomato and basil.

Hey look you can see my reflection in the colander!

I’ve got to say, it’s definitely a match made in heaven. The sweet pepperiness of the basil up against that tender, juicy, sweet tomato acidity is no match. Mother nature made sure that you were star crossed lovers. Even on the plant you look amazing ripening up.

Tomato, even when you grow a massive, scary, seven-foot tall plant that tries taking over my side yard all for a few lovely little yellow tomatoes, I’m totally okay with it. Scared. But okay with it.

I’m really excited to have another tomato join the family in the tomato basil love fest here soon. Basil, look out. It’s going to be three on one but I think you can handle it. After all, the reds and the yellows really are your best color companions.

Oh, tomato and basil. You go great with balsamic, with mozzarella, in a salad or as a vinaigrette. You are great alone as soup or sauce or mixed in with pasta. Tomato basil sandwich? You pull at my heart strings. Tomato, basil and mozzarella grilled cheese (or “panini” if you must)? Sometimes I just ignore all the options and stuff you right into my mouth, a leaf of basil on a lovely slice of tomato. I can’t help it. You are a match made in heaven.


This modern wife, Alanna