I’m not ready for fall yet. Here in Northern California we live for our Indian Summers in September and October. It finally stays nice and warm for a longer stretch of time instead of brief heat waves. It can be beautiful and sunny and warm through the end of October. Just like our wedding day at the end of October– oh, wait, that’s right. It poured like crazy. But it wasn’t freezing!

In any case, while the rest of the country is getting ready for the leaves to change colors (and a hurricane), I’m hoping we still have more sunny outside time but our plants don’t look convinced. Some plants have already had their best days but others are just getting started. I can tell we’re in transition.

That sunflower is ready to open up soon. It was planted later than the others so it’s taking its sweet time to open and has stayed shorter as well. The next picture might be a little icky for some of you…

This guy was hanging out between that sunflower above and connected to my tomato plant. Building a web to collect bugs! I have no problem with spiders doing their thing outside. They’re on my “good bugs” list only outdoors, but after taking my pictures and getting ready to make dinner I returned outside to get some tomatoes for my salad. And I immediately stuck my hand in for a tomato and broke the web. Oops. Sorry, spider.

The yellow rose bush is still blooming wildly. I don’t want to admit that I’m waiting for cooler weather, but I am looking forward to rose bush pruning season to get the more than a dozen roses around the house under control.

These roses are huge and they smell nice, too!

This is a fuchsia. Or a ballerina flower if you’re like me and believe your grandma about these things. Hard to tell in this picture but whoever planted the fuchsia planted it right on top of a rose bush just about. Or someone planted a rose bush on top of the fuchsia. Either way, it’s not cute and I just know I’d kill one, the other or both if I tried transplanting. They’re like Siamese twins.
Finally, my little accidental sunflower growing under where the bird feeder used to be. Guess we’re going to have some sunflower seeds from this plant! I can’t wait!