For those of you who haven’t heard the story before, our house is a 1947 tract home which was bought when it was still a dirt lot by a man who lived in it until 2007 when he passed away (in a hospital). His family tried to clean up a little and freshen things up to the best of their ability before talking to a real estate agent who brought in my now husband and I. We made an offer that was accepted before the house ever hit the market and are now the second owners of the house that had very few updates over the previous 60 years.

Enough of that background story! It takes Google Maps a little while to update their map images and so for a long while the image online was the house before we bought it:

We moved in and made mostly interior changes right away but made some significant exterior changes as well. In the above picture you can sort of see that there was plexiglass to make the porch sort of closed in, there was overgrown hedges everywhere, old rain gutters, old windows, old paint. Our neighbor’s house on the left of the picture is still what it looked like before it burned down even!

As an aside, you can read more about the house burning down here and in May 2010.

We made some serious updates that my husband noticed were now showing up on the internets! Plus it looks like Google shot the new images with a much better camera:

The new picture shows what our house looked like around spring time– I can tell because that left patch of grass is now dried up without irrigation. We also didn’t have the new fence on the right between our neighbor’s front yard and our own. This new picture shows that we removed a big tree in the backyard, removed a dead tree in the front yard on the right of the picture, trimmed up that tree on the far left, have all new fences, removed the hedge and replaced it with a fence, put in sod, mulched, installed new windows, painted, got a new fireplace insert which changed the chimney thing and new rain gutters. We’ve also added some more plantings and another round of mulch plus a new front door.

That front fence was supposed to be a picket fence but we nixed that when my husband and dad realized how much cutting there would be. It was supposed to also be painted white but we never got around to it. What do you think, does it need a coat of white paint or does the rustic wood appeal to you?

Thank you Google Maps for finally making it not look like we live in a run down house. And thank you for taking better quality pictures on a lovely, sunny spring day.