The husband under our house installing insulation. He must really love me.

A month ago I compiled my hunny-do list before my dad and step-mom came up to enjoy the weekend with my husband and I. The above image was taken by my dad on another one of the weekends my parents spent “enjoying” with us. As predicted, before a round of golf, some of the list is able to be crossed off!

Men’s Work

  • Install new interior doors & knobs
  • Mulch
  • Build wine rack (or find one) for over the refrigerator
  • Remove solar panels from roof
  • Make Alanna’s bike like new again

So, there’s the updated men’s list. And in the spirit of competitiveness, how did the women fare?

Women’s Work

  • Spray paint frames white for hanging in the living room and/or dining room (finished project here!)
  • Frame some art for the bathroom, maybe get frames for all the art I want to hang
  • Pick out new bathroom hardware
  • Get supplies for conquering the bathroom(sandpaper, tile sealant, paint, etc)

Not. Too. Shabby. I owe ya’ll an update on the bathroom but I haven’t painted the ceiling yet. I intend to this weekend and then will be able to show off the new hardware and the magic I worked on getting dried grout off the tile, recaulking, and more. As long as I’m at it, I’ll try and get some framed art work up in there!

As for the wine rack, it’s on our radar. Here is the picture of the above-the-fridge space that it will be occupying (before I got rid of the random things up there:

We had the refrigerator alcove– which took a small chunk of our garage– built so that it could accommodate a larger refrigerator or built in and one that also has those fancy water hookups. We, however, just kept our original basic refrigerator because 1) it’s just barely two-years-old 2) after doing a whole kitchen the last thing we wanted was to buy another new appliance 3) it works just fine 4) now I have space above it for a wine rack.

The wine rack thing has sort of been on our radar. The ones we’ve been seeing around are mostly not wide enough, though, at only about 4 bottles wide, and we haven’t taken time to measure the space. There are two kind of wine racks I would love to have:

This would be able to fit any size bottle from champagne to a more slender dessert wine bottle. Plus they can easily be removed.

This wine rack would have to be specially made to fit into the space and it may be harder to remove wine bottles that are stacked from this one.

There ya have it. I’m pretty sure my husband can whip up one of those wine racks no problem. It just may not be perfectly straight. And there would be a lot of cursing involved. But it’s the thought that counts.